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Released: 28 January 2012
℗ 2012 Soulove Records

The Natural ites & Realistics band The Natural ites The Natural ites
Percydread made his name as a singer/songwriter whilst part of the Natural Ites, one of the biggest Roots Reggae bands to come out of the UK. Percydread continues to perform his material live, as well as vocal work with Highness and Sama Sound Systems. He continues to tour around the UK and throughout Europe spreading the message of One Love & Inity.

Percydreads debut solo album Upside Downside, is reggae roots drawing on contemporary sounds with Rastafarianism at its spiritual core. He never strays far from his Rasta beliefs and engages the listener with a series of strong harmonies and catchy chorus lines that hook you into the moment.

"As far back as I can remember music has been there, my diet of music was broad, i never realised it at the time but i was into Blue Beat, Mento, Ska and Rock Steady. My parents always brought me to parties they would go to, and I'd dance out the peoples' carpet. I would run home from school to play tunes by singers such as, Linval Thomson, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke." words by Percy

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The Natural ites The Natural ites
The Natural Ites were formed in the city of Nottingham in the early 1980's and became one of the biggest Roots Reggae bands the UK has ever produced.

They released 3 studio albums throughout the decade; these were Picture On The Wall, Marvellous & Naturalites in Ites. Notable tracks from the band include Picture On The Wall, Lion Inna Jungle, Rastafari & Love and Understanding.

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